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10 reasons why you should hire a professional graphic designer.



Some people think “design” is the way it looks, no it isn’t. Graphic design is a creative field. Graphic designers are involved in brand promotions and a host of others. They make use of different softwares like Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw ,e.t.c. There are many graphic designers out there but hiring a creative graphic designer is what matters. So if your choice is to hire a creative graphic designer. Below are 10 reasons why you should hire one especially one like myself. Get a cup of tea and sit tight. Here we go.

  • Technical Guidance:
    A creative graphic designer will not only work for you based on monetary terms, they offer technical advice that will contribute to the success of your brand, business, company and any other entity they may be involved with. They do this by suggesting color combinations, fonts, etc. A brilliant idea from a creative graphic designer will put your brand or business in the spotlight.
  • Predictability:
    Someone is wondering if graphic designers are seers. Oh no! they are not(smiles). Graphic designers can see through the eye of the public. I mean they can predict the reaction of your Clients to your brand logo, fliers ,etc. This can save you the stress of having poor sales and low public awareness.
  • Futuristic thinking:
    A professional graphic design can offer you an illustration, logo or any other service as required that will stand the test of time. A concept like this will save you the cost of updating your brand identity with the newest trends.
  • Simplicity and complexity:
    This sounds weird, right? It isn’t. Professional graphic designers can blend simplicity and complexity. Someone is thinking how both will sound (simcomxity, beware of big vocabulary o,May God be wiith you lolz). For example, taking a look at the logo of the Coca-Cola brand, there is a mixture of simplicity and complexity. The simplicity makes it easily recognizable and the complexity exist in the typography.
  • Unique yet common:
    A professional graphic designer will make use of things associated with your brand without you even noticing it. Oustanding logos or design concepts are as a result of a creative graphic designer making use of what can be seen to reveal what has not be seen. If you hire a professional graphic designer, you have got yourself a big opportunity.
  • Amazing Results:
    Hiring a professional graphic designer will bring yield amazing returns in the long run. Once the designer has done their job well through impressive designs that commands attention, just start to dey observe as people go dey come patronize your brand, business and you go dey do jolly jolly. ( I’m not a fluent pidgin speaker)
  • Advantage of Experience:
    Professional graphic designers are creative individuals who have years of experience that can be of immense advantage to whosoever require their service. If you hire a professional graphic designer, be assured that you have an ocean of experience to draw from.
  • Creating Value:
    Professional graphic designers create value. They add value to individuals, brands, corporate identities, academic institutions , etc. The value they create can be assessed based on the remarks of the people who use the products and services of an organization.
  • Fresh perspective:
    You are the entrepreneur, the brain of your business, elon musk jr bla bla bla (lol, I’m kidding) but you don’t know everything (no one does). A creative graphic designer can give you fresh insights and ideas that will skyrocket the growth of your business.
  • Out Of The Shadows:
    Your brand, business or organization is suffering from graphilasio ( someone wondering what this is, it is the lack of adequate design personnel, P.S a term I coined myself, cool?, don’t mind me). You are tired of poor turn up from your potential customers. Get yourself a creative graphic designer and see what happens next.
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Below are some designs from my portfolio:

P.S (All names, identities,places and organizations displayed in the logos and designs are mere fictions and any real resemblance is mere coincidence)

Now that you’ve read my post. You should consider hiring a professional graphic designer. Don’t look too far. I’m one (smiles, I didn’t write all these for writing sake, Lolz).

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