Snails, and the consumption of these small critters, have been part of human history for thousands of years. This has then developed into an economic resource that amounts to billions of money worldwide. 

You can be part of this money-making industry without having to invest a large capital. Browse through Slide Up to jumpstart your business venture in the world of snails and to understand the massive appeal of this mollusc. 

Setting up an outdoor snailery

There’s no need for fancy equipment in setting up a homestead snailery. Your backyard can suffice for this endeavour. All you have to do is consider the following:

Cultivating the soil

The most important thing to cultivate before setting up your snailery is the soil. It sustains the growth and development of the snails you are going to rear. Moreover, it also needs to have high amounts of organic matter so that the snailery will thrive. 

But first, you must clear the ground of weeds, shrubbery and twigs. These can take all the nutrients that the snail needs. Plough it thoroughly so the soil becomes soft and loose. This can help the snails lay their eggs and hibernate when the dry season hits. 

Create a paddock for vegetables

It’s necessary to provide snails with a paddock filled with green and leafy vegetables. You can also include legumes in this vegetation to provide shelter and food for your critters. 

Before you introduce the snail breeders into the paddock, make sure to build a fine-mesh or netting enclosure to keep them in place. These critters can crawl away unnoticed so you must build one. 

Moreover, let your leafy vegetables grow first before letting the snails in. Always make sure to properly water and cultivate the soil so that the greens would grow prosperously. 

Build a gutter for your housing

Pests and predators can threaten the population of your snailery. You can limit this instance by building a gutter around your housing and filling it with water and pesticides. This will prevent other critters from getting into the enclosure and protecting your breeders. 

Methods of creating a snailery

Raising snails is hard and you need to make sure that the eggs are incubated properly. An indoor enclosure can help give the beloved snail infants to grow properly. Once the eggs are laid, you can harvest and put them in small incubation boxes like the ones below:

Stacked tire incubation

For an inexpensive way to create a cheap snail pen, you can recycle old tires and put them in a stack. Fill up the tires with loamy soil and enclose it with a chicken wire mesh before putting in the breeder snails. 

Empty drums snailery

You can also create a low-cost snailery by using an old empty drum. However, certain preparations should be made first before using it. 

The first thing you need to do is to create drainage holes at the bottom to foster proper moisture within the enclosure. After that, you can fill the drum with soil at about 10 inches tall. Make sure that the soil remains moist at all times so that your breeder snails can prosper. 

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