Point of sale which is popularly known as POS is one of the business you can engaged in as student, this business in talking is lucrative and as a student you will have the potential of having more customers which will make the business more profitable for you.

POS business is easy to operate in terms of establishment and maintainance, it versatile business model.

As a POS agent is also known as mobile financial agent whose carry out all the financial activities for people, some of those activities include

  • Withdrawal of money
  • Sending of money
  • Account opening
  • paying bills and other stuff.


Buying and selling as all know is a traditional buying which have been in existence over long period of time for now, this business is profitable as we know,

One of the factors that determine the success of this business customers, as a students getting more customers shouldn’t be a problem because it actually in a high populated area already.

Another factor that determines how this business is going to be successful is type of goods you decided to be selling, making enquiries about the needs of the students should be the primary step in starting this business.


  • Clothes
  • jewelries
  • shoes
  • perfume
  • Phone accessories


How will you feel starting your own business, being your boss actually feel so great, you have your own schedule, you pay your own salary. One of the business you can start as a student is dry cleaning business, it actually a lucrative business you can do as a student.


This might actually sounds bit scary but trust me it something you can deal with, you don’t have to have thousands of naira in other to start this mini importation bussines with just ten thousand naira you can start mini importation bussines in Nigeria as a student, this type of business model doesn’t requires much to start up except for your internet enable gadgets e.g laptop or smart phone.

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