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Collection of Students ID Card and matriculation form



Collection of School ๐Ÿ†” Card and Matriculation form

Good day to everyone, this is to inform us all that the fresher at to be at the student affairs division for collection of their individual student ID Card and also their matriculation form.
Lots of us maybe wondering what matriculation form means, if you donโ€™t know what it means
Fuoye provide their newly admitted students matriculation form which will be filled by the students and the form is expected to be submitted back to students affairs division with a passport, the passport is advised to be white background passport.
The collection of the ID Card and matriculation form start officially from 7th of February.


  • Immediate Identification of students
One of the major reason why it important for everyone one us to have students ID Card is for immediate identification of students from outsider or intruder.
And also your student ID Card can also be used as a means of identification is some important place like
Bank Hospital
  • Students ID Card grant access control
ID cards give schools the ability to determine who should or shouldnt have access to certain areas of your campus and buildings.
With modern ID cards being equipped with access code systems, these cards can even allow for entry to specific rooms only if its barcode has been properly scanned and accepted.
Once you have the students ID Card you canโ€™t be restricted from any major building on campus like
Library Laboratory School Medical Center
Proceed to Fuoye student affairs division for your one ID card.
Written by Olamide Oladele.

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