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Dealdey affiliate program
Everybody is interested in making money online but only few have the chance of making money online, for you to be part of those making money online you have to follow the right channel and be dedicated.
I will be making a review about Dealdey affiliate program, some might have heard about this some most might have not but I will take my time to explain everything about Dealdey affiliate program.
Affiliating has been one of the ways people use adopt to make money online, most people have take it has a full jobs and also has a means of livelihood while some take it has just a part time job and extra way of making money but whether you take it has full job or part time job affiliating marketing is worth giving a trial and Dealdey affiliate program should be considered.


Dealdey affiliate program works like other affiliate program where you get paid for advertising and selling Dealdey affiliate products. This is actually simple and easy to do, whenever you make a sale you will automatically earn a commission.


Dealdey affiliate program has lots of advnage will are:-
  • Earn up to 10% commission
You have a chance of earning up to 10% on every sale you make, wow this sounds really amazing.
  • Varieties of products to affiliate
You won’t only get stuck promoting only one product, you have the opportunity of promoting any products of your interest which range from phones, laptops, shoes, clothes, jelweries and other products all on Dealdey affiliate program…
  • Additional N500 on every single sale
Wow this is another interesting benefit you enjoy for been a Dealdey affiliate program, for every single sale you made you will surely get extra N500 after your commission this make you earn in two different ways.
  • Easy to use dashboard
Dealdey affiliate program have a unique dashboard which is easy to understand and navigate easily, the dashboard has so many advance features which help you in tracking your static.
  • Easy payout method
One of the problem people have especially those in Nigeria is the issue of payment methods, if it happens use are using other affiliate program like clickbank, amazon associate or warrior plus affiliate you have to have a means of withdrawing your money either using PayPal, payooner, skrill or other payment methods but with Dealdey affiliate program it doesn’t require those because your money will be send to your local banks without any stress.


Registering for Dealdey affiliate program is simple and straight forward, all it requires is a simple registration process. The registration procedure is will be given below.
  • Click on
  • Click on sign-up
  • fill the provided form with the require info such as First name Last name Username Email Address Phone number Password
  • once you are done click on sign up button and confirm your email address.
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Promoting and making sales is the important part of affiliating, there are many medium or channel through which you can promote your affiliate links. The easy one I will be discussing here today is facebook.
Facebook has been one of the most use social media networks having about 2.1 billion user. Facebook has grown so will and it can be use to our own advantage.
Facebook can be use to reach a larger number of audience, which means you can use facebook to promote your Dealdey affiliate links.

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There are many ways you can so this either by creating facebook page and group adding people of same interest to it and by doing this you will advertise your affiliate products and surely you will meet some potential buyers.
Another way to use facebook to promote your affiliate products or links is by running facebook ads. If you are aiming of reaching larger number of audience within a short period of time then running facebook ads is a better choice, this will help you to make a better sale and improve your Dealdey affiliate program earning.


Another important thing to talk about is how Dealdey affiliate program pay. Dealdey affiliate pay it affiliate members at the end of the month once they meet up with the minimum payout.
Dealdey affiliate program will pay your earning directly to your local banks account, this is another benefit of using Dealdey affiliate program.
If you have any other contribution to make kindly drop it below.

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