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3 Easy ways to be financially stable as a student in Nigeria



Business in Nigeria

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Today I will be making a post about some business ideas for Nigeria students , in this post of mine I will cover all the relevant topic which is really necessary in starting up a business as a Nigerian students.

As we all know that Nigeria students do face financial challenges due to some reasons which we all know but there are ways through which we as a students can overcome this challenges without  asking money from our parents.

One of the best ways to overcome this financial instability is venturing into a business, business I say!!!

You might be thinking how is this going to be possible but of course it is we should always have the positive mindset.

Don’t get your self worried about how you are going to get the startup capital this bussines in talking requires no or low startup capital.

Before I dig deeper into this topic I will like to talk about some benefits of starting a business as a student.


In this paragraph I will talk about some advantages of venturing into a sme business as a students has have said earlier.

Here are some of the significant advantages of starting a business.

  • Financial Stability

This is one of the major reason why students start petty or SME business in school both on campus and off campus, engaging in one or other business as a students will ease your financial status and it will also reduce your burden on your parents.

  • Self Independent
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Be it a student, mid wife, the theory behind starting a business either small or big business is to be self independent. In this current situation of the country we shouldn’t be dependent on our parents or even on the government, we most find every possible ways to be self independent and one of the ways to be self independent, ways to be financially stable is be starting a business.

  • Promising Future

We all look for a better future, the future am talking about isn’t years to come the future start now and one of the ways to make sure we have a promising and fulfilling future is by building it right now, starting a business isn’t the only step but it one of the major step.

The above are just some of the advantages of starting up a business though that isn’t all I just decided to mention few of them, so since you have idea of how this will be of benefits let down to the business of the day.

Here are some of the best business to engage in has a students which won’t take much of your time and doesn’t requires much capital.


Affiliate marketing seems to be the best business option for Nigeria students, there are many reasons why I make affiliate marketing my top option.

The first of them was that it doesn’t require start up capital has have said earlier and it won’t required much of our time has a students.

Affiliate marketing in a lay man language simply mean selling other people’s products or selling company products.

There are many ways this will be of great advantage to us as a students has will got the chance to market any products of your choice.


Campus as we all know it is a commercial place and venturing into this business will surely be profitable.

With affiliate marketing you are not dealing with physical products, there are many many affiliate program which you can join but Jumia is till the best affiliate program network in Nigeria.


You don’t have to get scared because jumia affiliate program is absolutely free to join.

All you have to do is to register and get started.


If you don’t know about affiliate marketing in will advise you to read my previous post on affiliate marketing for absolute beginners, the post will give you more insight about affiliate marketing how, it operate and every other things.

Just to give you a clip on how to make money on Jumia affiliate program

  • Register on Jumia affiliate program
  • Select preferred products to affiliate ranging from phones, clothes, jelweries, shoes, and other products. Make sure you option in for high selling products which will be easily market on campus and off campus as well.
  • Create a whatsapp group for your affiliate business. You are advised to create a whatsapp group for your affiliate business, this will help you to get potential customers and also for you to reach out for their needs.
  • Get the pictures of some of the products you are affiliating, keep posting it to the whatsapp group with the official price from jumia
  • Add more friends and use the group for advertisement of the products.
  • Attend to the customers who need the products, you can place the other for them from your affiliate links.

Check my previous post on affiliate marketing here Jumia affiliate program for absolute beginners



Students can also engage themselves in freelancing jobs.

Freelancers are independent contractor who work independently. As a students you can earn money by using your skills, as a freelancer you will get the opportunities of money online using your skill.

There are many skills which you can use to make moneyla with your skills as a freelancer, example of these skills are graphical design, web design, content writer, SEO expert, social media marketers and other skill which you might have acquired.

There are platform in which you can make money online as a students using your talents some of those platforms are:-

  • Upwork
  • fiver
  • Viber
  • justfrom5k

And others.


This is another way to make money in Nigeria as a students, blogging provides opportunities for us to make money, everyone cant be a blogger but for those who really love writing and trying out new things blogging should be an option for them.

There are easy ways to create a blog or website these days without having any programming knowledge, and if you cant do it urself hire a web developer who will create a responsible, clean and awesome site for you at a cheap rate.


It also another business idea for students, check out my previous post about POS business. In this post you will get every required information about POS business in Nigeria, you will also get to know how to get POS machine for free and other required info. Check out the post here POS business in Nigeria.

Those are some of the ways to be financially stable as a student in Nigeria, check out for more.


Olamide Oladele by name also a student of Federal University Oye Ekiti studying Computer Science. I’m a passionate blogger that loves reading and writing, business minded with solution to complete financial tips. Welcome to

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