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Ecoin: the fastest growing cryptocurrency in the world



Ecoin Review
In this article I will explain or give a tutorial on how to get free $1,000 on Ecoin.
Yeah it possible to earn up to $1,000 from from Ecoin, follow this tutorial to the end.


Most of us may not know what Ecoin is or what it does, so therefore everything you need to know about Ecoin, how it operate will be given to you in this article.
Ecoin is one of the most fastest raising crypto currency in the world.
Ecoin have more than 1 million users in just 18 days of launching it and it user still grows days after days.
So being new Ecoin give out free coins worth thousands of dollars to their new members for using the crypto currency, static shows that Ecoin will still be the best digital currency in the world.


Ecoin offer one of the simple registration gateway ever, all you have to do is to visit their official site and get registered.
Registration procedures are given below.
Wait till the page load and proceed with the remaining process.
  • Fill in the requires info
You are advised to your correct info to fill in your Ecoin account and make sure you input a correct and working email address. Here are some sample of what you will fill
Your first name
Your last name
Your username
Your contact info
Your email address
Your password.
Your country
Your zip code
Your city
  • Once you have filled everything correctly, click on sign-up or submit to process your account
  • Confirm your account
You have to confirm your account using the email address you provided during the registration.
Once that is done you are proudly an Ecoin account holder.


Once you have successfully registered, the next thing is for you to start investing for the future or for present.
But before then, I will explain four ways to get free coins on Ecoin digital currency.
Those four ways will be explained below.
  • Registration Bonus

The first way for you to get free coins on Ecoin is by registration bonus.
As you successfully register on Ecoin platform you will get free 938 coins for free isn’t this amazing this coins is equivalent to $6 currently and $94 future value.
This bonus can only be gotten once in a lifetime as Ecoin doesn’t support multiple account.

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  • Referral bonus

You will stand a chance of getting 750 coins for every person you refer to the the platform, there is no limitation to it, the more you refer the more you earn and the 75 is equal to $4.

  • Viewing bonus

This method is also used to get free coins from Ecoin. You will be rewarded if someone or somebody view your link even without registering you will still get your free coins.

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  • Save and earn bonus

You will earn up to 15% interest if you choose not to withdraw your coins and you save your coin for a long time without withdrawing or selling.
These are the basic information about Ecoin digital currency, and updated version of this article will be published very soon.
Written by Olamide Oladele.

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