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How to change facebook background to any image



How to change facebook background image 

Over the year, facebook has grown to become one of the most best social media and since it establishment in the year 2008, lots of features have been provided since.
In this tutorial I will be giving you tutorial on how to change your facebook background to any image of your choice.
You might be wondering if this violet facebook rule and regulations but to blow your mind off, it doesn’t.
Before you get started you have to download Designer tool app from Google Play Store or any other apk store that is available.
Once you have downloaded the app you can continue with this procedure.
  • Open and launch the app
  • Click on right overlay on the right footer of the app.
  • Turn on the mock overly button
  • Upload any picture you want to use.
This picture in talking is the picture you want to appear at the background of your facebook.
  • After uploading the picture increase the opacity to any level you want.
After you have successfully done that, you can either press the back button or press the home button cause you are done already.
You have successfully change your facebook background image.
Yeah it that simple, share this link to other so they too can change theirs.

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