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Selling photos, shoutouts and starting engagement groups are just some of the things you could be doing to make money on Instagram.If there are more ways you think it’s possible to make money on Instagram, then feel free to leave a comment for everybody and let’s get the discussion going. Most are straight forwarded; download, install, connect, select products and list them on your site.One notable app on both Shopify and WooCommerce is Spocket. If you’re looking for Chinese suppliers, Oberlo is a great alternative.How does Instagram fit in all of this?Instagram is an awesome platform to showcase your products and drive traffic to your store. If your shop is up and running here’s what you should do:Post content to your new Instagram account so it wouldn’t look emptyTry to make your posts as high quality as possible (in terms of image quality and also content quality)Start interacting with accounts that also have an e-commerce store and share similar products.Interact with their users by engaging with people who post comments and like that account’s posts.Soon these potential customers are going to turn their heads towards your account. If you’re up for a little challenge then try it out.

 Now you might be thinking: right, I get that it’s possible, but how exactly can I be making money on Instagram?

A typical influencer post includes the creation of content such as an Instagram post or an Instagram story, that will include the promotion of the brand or their products. You can begin by posting your work, commenting and messaging potential clients. If your audience is cold to your updates and posts, you’ll find it harder to monetize your account and build value.You’ve probably been told that numbers are important and that you need to have six to seven digit followers to make a dent.Studies have actually shown otherwise. With Instagram gaining nonstop popularity, it’s no surprise that Instagrammers are becoming an unstoppable force. Or maybe funny stories how your product changed somebody’s life.Point is.Go beyond making posts about your products and its features.Still with me?Fantastic.Moving on.Work on your engagementIt doesn’t matter if you’re a business or an individual.The power of influence comes from having an engaged following. So make sure you stick till the end.Get a drink, put your phone on “do not disturb” mode and let’s go.

Growing your personal brand on social media is probably going to be the most rewarding thing for your life and business.I’m not just saying that, it literally changes you.I started back in 2016 with a simple blog and posting motivational quotes to Instagram without giving much thought on where it can grow.I did it because I enjoyed reading about motivation and entrepreneurship. While Facebook has 2.07 billion monthly active users, Instagram’s growth has reached 1 billion users over 9 years in 2019 since its launch in 2010. Be creative when delivering your message. Most commonly people go with Shopify as it requires little to no technical background.Depends on your business model, but you have the option of not having inventory and only ordering from your supplier whenever your customer places an order. You ideally sell it thousands of times.Now, if you’re all too new to Instagram and online marketing and creating a digital product might seem too complicated to start with then hosting an offline event would be another option.Simply open your Instagram and start looking for people based on location marker and hashtags. 

Your aim should be to attract as much eyeballs to your content as possible.Naturally, a lot of people don’t necessarily want to follow brands to get their promotions and offers (we get that via sponsored posts already).Your play here, as a business, should be to create content that is so interesting it outshines the posts of your audience friends and family make.Once you have done that, it’s just a matter of being consistent and providing great value with your content. Want more content like this? Sign-up for my newsletter – it’s free!

For those wondering why they should make money on Instagram, we’ve compiled the top Instagram stats for you. You can use Instagram Stories like a pro to build your audience. In turn, this allows you to promote your products directly to Instagram users through posts, Stories, in the Explore tab, and in a special Shop tab on your profile. Give people a reason to follow you. The best IG feeds usually tell a story and you can relate with the account owner.Work on your engagement. However, there are ways around this…. Instagram only allows each Instagram account one organic link, which is displayed via your Instagram bio. This is very close to freelancing, however I’d like to differentiate it from standard freelancing as you’re tapping into a more scalable business model.So think about creating PDFs, Courses, E-books, Books and other digital downloadable products. 

Particularly in fashion, “there’s a rapidly developing economy on Instagram,” says Thomas Rankin, co-founder and CEO of Dash Hudson, a program that lets you make your Instagram posts shoppable. Industry estimates say brands spend more than a $1 billion per year on sponsored Instagram posts. Service businesses and Instagrammers who sell their time don’t necessarily need a large reach/influence to generate money. A healthy engagement rate is to get an average of at least 1% to 3.5% of your audience to see your post. Focusing on way too many strategies at once usually requires a team and a bigger budget.The 3 main areas where to make money on Instagram are:Growing your personal account by helping others with your expertise and selling your time. Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms and if you’re not utilizing this for your business then you’re likely leaving money on the table.Making money off Instagram isn’t hard. By simply tagging products in your Instagram images, you can lead your Instagram followers to your product pages where they can purchase products quickly. The BasicsYou can’t start making money on Instagram without nailing your basics first.

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Don’t expect to make money by just creating an account and posting photos. Being active on Instagram and showing how your products make people happy is the best way to go.There are Instagram specific strategies that you can employ. If you don’t get success fast you’re likely to spend less and less time on it until you find something more interesting and with bigger/better earning potential if we’re just talking about making money here.Pros of starting a new e-commerce businessIt’s easier than ever to set up your e-commerce website. If you haven’t already – give that article a read as well.Once you’ve got the basics down, it’s time to get to work.I’ve also written an article on HopperHQ on how to take your account to the next level – at least 10,000 to 20,000 followers. This gives you the reach and influence you’ll need to start monetizing your account.As a business (not individual) your aim is slightly different. Instead of selling your time, you’re transforming into selling your expertise.You create a piece of content once and you sell it more than once. For Shopify it usually tends to be higher than getting a WordPress WooCommerce hosting.My personal favorite has always been WooCommerce because of the flexibility it comes with and since I’ve set up a lot of websites before this technical part isn’t a major obstacle to overcome.I’ve actually put together an article on how to set up your hosting to Google Cloud. You don’t see your content as a real estate for other advertisers to rent. We’ll discuss this later in detail in the upcoming sections.Stick around.Basics ChecklistWrite a compelling bio. 

.You’ll get $300 worth of credit if you sign up as a business account.One of the best, cheapest ways to start your e-commerce store is to do dropshipping using apps on Shopify or plugins on WooCommerce. They’ve figured out ways to make money on Instagram, and cash in on the pictures that they take.

1. If you choose to set up your own website with Woocommerce for example then the costs might be less, but you’re probably going to invest a lot more time to tweaking the site.Choosing the right e-commerce platform – Shopify vs. Instagram founder Kevin Systrom even went to Paris Fashion Week, attending Jean Paul Gaultier’s couture salon and meeting with Karl Lagerfeld and Louis Vuitton’s Nicholas Ghesquière, to learn more about the style bloggers, models, editors, designers, and clothing brands who create such a large portion of content on the photo-sharing site.

With the advent of the Instagram app and all of the marketing opportunities that come with it, however, brands on Instagram are better able to determine what the best possible product is for their audience. Remember, quality > quantity. Recently, brands/businesses are starting to see value in micro-influencers because of their engagement levels. Yet it’s usually a lot easier to get started especially if you have no prior experience with setting up websites, choosing the right hosting etc.With WooCommerce you can get super cheap hosting to start with as you have very little customers in the beginning and you wouldn’t need to worry about server load.Both WooCommerce and Shopify have free and paid themes (the layout of your new shop). WooCommerce?This is widely discussed topic among e-commerce shop owners. For instance, let’s say you’re a video editing guru who offers his services and uses IG as a way to promote your work.Take Instagram as a platform to showcase your skills and networking opportunity to score clients. As long as the business can be expressed visually and creatively for marketing purposes, you can tap into Instagram’s millions of users. Whether we choose to develop it in a desired way or not is totally up to us.So how do we make money with our personal brand?The most common way is to sell your expertise. You should ideally pick a strategy you want to go for and start working towards making this a reality. It doesn’t matter whether you’re running a local coffee shop or a dropshipping e-commerce business. You’d be surprised what happens the next time you post something.

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As of February 2018, you can sell products directly on Instagram through Instagram Posts and Stories. Shopping on Instagram has suddenly made it much easier to sell products and make money on Instagram. As an influencer, that’s why it’s extremely important for you to know your audience. There are hundreds of companies selling the same product that you are, unless you’ve taken it a step further and have customized it to an extent.If you’re just in it for the quick buck and not to build a brand you might get lucky by selecting a winning product right in the beginning, but you can also fail miserably as you test different ways to make all the pieces of puzzle come together.There are still upfront costs. There are many ways how you can play around with the content by adding geotags, selfie stickers, moving texts, add color overlays, texts, and face filters (just like Snapchat) to your Instagram Stories. Make it fun.

But there’s also just as much contracted—often agent-negotiated—work where the blogger agrees to feature the brand in a certain number of Instagrams, often promising not to put any competitors in the same shot (or even hold off mentioning them for a week or so). Our team has prepared the ultimate guide to setting up an Instagram Shop, which will help you understand how you can make money from an Instagram Shop.

If you already have an eCommerce shop, or sell products on platforms like Etsy or Amazon, then using the ‘Shopping on Instagram’ feature to increase your revenue is a must. These people are potentially your future clients and event attendees.

Starting any new business is always risky.Most of the new businesses fail (usually around 90%).That is also true for new e-commerce businesses even if they are built around quick flipping, trending product reselling etc.The people behind the project and business make it come alive. The numbers behind Instagram are staggering, and the platform is catching up with Facebook’s growth. The major difference in price comes from the monthly “service” fee. To me it feels like there’s less “rules” and I don’t necessarily need to stick to a theme or provide constant value.Personal brand is for life and we all have it. By having direct access to your target audience on Instagram, you are better able to prepare your products so that your Instagram community is more likely to make a purchase.

Yes, you can definitely make money on Instagram. As an individual with a lot of followers, you’re attractive advertising real estate (you’re an influencer).The only reason brands and businesses will give their money to you is because of your influence, engaged following and relationship with other influencers. I’ve written about becoming Instagram famous extensively here on my blog. They offer vetted US and EU suppliers, so you know that they will be reliable and your customer won’t be waiting a month to receive their product. Since Spocket offers branded invoicing, you can have it be consistent with your Instagram page. So let’s find out more about Shopping on Instagram, and how to set it up on your Instagram account…

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I’m glad that you landed on this article.This is probably going to be the most comprehensive article on how to make money on Instagram you’ve seen before.After working with over 3000 accounts on Instagram and growing my own account @gettinggrowth to nearly 40k followers, I can say that earning money from Instagram is definitely on the most popular questions I get.In this article I’ve listed all my best strategies and ideas to monetizing your Instagram account.Some of the stuff I share here I haven’t even shared in my masterclasses (worth $1000+ combined). Make sure you fulfill these requirements first and you’re on your way to monetizing your Instagram.Now, depends on what is the aim of your account and business. Shopify, ads, test product, other service providers like e-mail etc. You need to understand who your audience mainly consists of, so you know which brands would best fit your audience. Here’s a complete guide to Instagram Shopping and how you can sell on Instagram.

An Instagram Shop lets you integrate your product catalog with your Instagram profile. Suggest them to follow you and/or DM you to increase the rate of following.Work on your posts. Your supplier would ship the ordered item directly to your customer (this is called drop-shipping).Your store can run pretty much on autopilot once you’ve set everything up correctly.Cons of starting a new e-commerce businessIt’s quite competitive. If you’ve switched to an Instagram business account, you can research your numbers a bit more through your Instagram Analytics report.

The problem with promoting affiliate products on Instagram is the lack of link opportunities. Just make sure to read over the licensing agreements to make sure you’re still allowed to post the same photo on Instagram — some licensing agreements may limit what you can do with the image.

Instagram Stories have become a huge part of Instagram, and they continue to grow. See who are active in your area and start interacting with them. Twenty20 is a stock photography company designed for Instagram-like photos — the company calls itself “the largest authentic photography marketplace.” Other companies like Foap aim for a more Instagram-like style, but there’s nothing saying you can’t go with a giant traditional stock photo company like Shutterstock, StoryBlocks, or even Getty, if you have the clout. After a year I started getting requests from people who wanted to give me money for managing their Instagram accounts.

Sure I was happy to help them and keep it as a side gig from my day to day agency work.Now, in 2019 I see things completely differently and I have a plan around my personal brand and where I want it to grow.Growing a personal brand is very similar to growing as a freelancer or an influencer. Same is true for businesses.Ask yourself: is it better to have 1,000 highly active followers that you have real relationships with or 10,000 followers who don’t remember why and how they followed you in the first place.Start judging your performance on how well people engage with you. Think about motivational posts how your product has helped over 1,000 people already. You can’t make people care about something without them caring about you first. 

You can do this until you’re “famous” enough to get brand deals and promote stuff to your audience.If you already have an existing business then it’s useful to grow that with the help of Instagram. I’ve worked with both and I can’t really say which one is better and why.With Shopify the monthly cost is going to be higher when you’re just starting out. If what you’re offering speaks to them, they are likely to check out your store as well and hopefully become a customer.

Some platforms may be better suited for Instagram-like photography than others. If it’s currently low, start going through all your followers one by one over DM asking more information about them and where they heard about you. In my experience 3.5% is a bit low and I would suggest to try getting it to 5%-10% if your follower count is around 10,000 and 1%-5% when you get over 100,000 followers.Here’s one caveat though – there are certain exceptions.

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