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How to successfully start a dropshipping business in Nigeria




How to start Dropshipping business in Nigeria

If you are thinking of starting an online business in this 2020 dropshipping should be your best option, dropshipping is fast ranking among online lucrative business in Nigeria.

In this section of today’s write up I will be tutoring you guys about how to start a successful dropshipping business either in Nigeria, this tutorial will cover all the aspect about this shipping business.

Today’s guides will walk you through how to start dropshipping business in Nigeria, finding a products to dropship, how to market those products and also how to set up and online store for your products and everything else you need to be familiar with dropshipping business.

Before start to dig deeper, I should start be introducing what dropshipping is, the meaning of dropshipping, what it entails and some other basics terms use in dropshipping business.


Dropishipping entails making an agreement with a supplier to sell their goods in your store mostly online store. While you go about marketing the products on your e-store, the product remains in the supplier’s warehouse until you get a buyer. When an order is placed for the product, the supplier delivers the goods directly to your client, the interesting part of this is that the product can be delivered anywhere in the world, isn’t this amazing.

Over the recent year the rate of this particular business in Nigeria has rapidly increased, in which most of them has been making thousands of naira monthly, well that isn’t bad, but if you are considering opening starting a dropshipping business in Nigeria there are some factors to know which I will explain in details in the later paragraph.

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In starting a dropshipping business, you might be wondering if the business is totally legal in Nigeria so am happy to tell you that dropshipping doesn’t violate any law in Nigeria which make it legal and also there is no legal tax attached to it and also if you run droppshipping from Nigeria, no worries about legal papers. Now, that’s a huge plus.


Starting up a drop shipping business requires lots of dedication and apart from the dedication there are things you need to put in place which I called five steps to dropshipping business.

There involve the necessary steps which you should follow in setting up your own dropshipping enterprises.

  1. Pick a Niche/products

What I mean be niche is your area of interest which is your market segment. For example TVs are a primary niche in the home appliance market. We could even split further and say LED TVs and LCD screens are sub-niches in the TV niche.

What am saying in essence is that your niche is your products of your interest, when choosing a niche make sure the product will be marketable and have potential buyers.


  • Go with your interest, hobbies and passion

· Uncover a common problem around – perhaps one you can relate to

· Know your competitors and prepare for the competition.

· Go for what you think is profitable or fast selling products.


After you have settled down with a particular niche what follows should be you setting up your online store or e-store as you may call it. Setting up your own online store isn’t really required if you don’t want to, there are other top thirst party store you can use to market your products, here are top third party store you can use for your dropshipping business in Nigeria.

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Jumia is the best online store in Nigeria it is referred to has the best online store in Nigeria it also among the top 10 most visited site in Nigeria.

Using Jumia is good for your dropshipping business has your dropshipped products will be listed on the best online store in Nigeria which will make it easy to market but having your own online store is pretty good as well.


Konga is the second most used online store in Nigeria, using konga will also be of advantages for your dropshipping business.


Dealdey is also among the top online store you can use which will be of advantage for your enterprises


Kaymu also serve the same purpose .


If you are interested in getting your own online store, using Shopify or wordpress is a actually a pretty ideas has the two platform is very easy to use, and if you cant set it up yourself you can hire a developer to to that for you.


After you have put all that in place the next action in line is to source your desired products.

There are many platform which you can use to source to source your products.

You should know that this factors determined the success of your dropshipping.

Using the wrong source for your dropshipping business in Nigeria may ruin your business which is why you are advised to make the right choice when sourcing your products.

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While there are lots of e-commerce to source your products, here are the top recommendation e-commerce platforms for sourcing your products.

  • OBerlo
  • Aliexpress
  • Chinabrands

Once you have decided on which one of the sourcing e-commerce platform you want for your dropshipping business the next action in line should be how to market your products.

What make you a successful dropshipping businessman will be measured by how many customers you have and how you are able to market your products.

Mini importation bussines

Mini importation bussines

There are many tools which can be used to promote your products, each promotion channel exposes your products to potential customers.

In this guide of mine, I will also discuss about some potential ways to promote your dropshipping products.

  1. Google Ads

Trust me, google Ads still remain the best way to promote your dropshipping products.

Using Google Ads will not only expose your products to potential customers but also increase your chances of selling them. Here are other benefits of using Google Ads.

  • Featured on the world’s largest advertising platform
  • Large exposure through search results
  • Targets specific location, device, location, age etc.
  1. Facebook Ads.

Being the largest social media, facebook provide opportunities for businessman to run advertisement on their. Using facebook Ads will definitely change your dropshipping business in Nigeria for good.

There are other means through which you can create awareness for your products, some of these ways are:-

  • Email marketing
  • Radio advertisement
  • TV advertisement
  • Billboard Awareness


Dropshipping is a lucrative business which should be tried out. There are many benefits of dropshipping business in Nigeria, if you have any questions or contribution kindly drop it below and await response from our time.


Olamide Oladele by name also a student of Federal University Oye Ekiti studying Computer Science. I’m a passionate blogger that loves reading and writing, business minded with solution to complete financial tips. Welcome to



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