New keke napep features: what did you think about it

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Due to what has been happening recently, motorcycle which is also known has bikeisn’t allowed again on the major cities of Nigeria and most of these bike riders have migrate into keke napep business which is also known has tricycle.

As we all know ln that transportation is one of the most lucrative business currently in Nigeria after the likes of entertainment industries.

The former bike riders find it more lucrative and encouraging than the usual motorcycle has the keke napep which is tricycle contain more passengers than the normal bike.

But right now there is a newly introduced keke napep with a brand new features, this keke in talking has the same purpose with the old keke but with a brand new features and looks that will amazed you.


Even though the new and keke napep serve the same purpose, their are still some different between them here are some of the main different between them.


There is a significant difference between the old keke napep and the new keke napep, the old keke napep cost around 500 to 600 thousand while the new designed keke is about 1.2 million naira.


Newly designed keke napep has a brand new features which include doors and almost all the features of a car.


The old designed has the capacity about 5 to 6 people at a time but the new designed can carry up to 8 peoples at a time.

The below are pictures of the newly designed keke napep (tricycle).

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