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Make money online how? Check out this two ways to make money online 2020



Welcome to another edition of today’s topic is going to be epic as I go into details on how to make money online without spending a dime.

Traditionally making money online seems so impossible for most people well am here to prove you wrong has I will be providing 5 major ways to make money online in the year 2020 without spending a dime.

Making money online is so easy has have said it earlier, the problems people face in making money online is most of them doesn’t find the right part way or they are doing something wrong but with this article, you will learn the 2 fundamental ways of making money online.

In this article I will be explaining difficulties which you might in making money online and also pros and cons of making money online, so if you are really ready to make it online sit back and continue reading.


In this paragraph I will like to talk about ways of making money online, there are many ways to make money online and this depends on your ability to do them.

I will be listing out 2 major ways to make money online without spending a dime, the first one I will be talking about will be URL shortened.


One of the easiest ways of making money without spending a dime is the use of URL shortener.

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You might be wondering what this URL shortener is or what it does, well that is nothing to worry about cause I will be explaining everything about you need to know about how to make money online with URL shortener.

Let start by explaining what URL shortener is.

URL shortener is a software, tool or website that stinks a given link.

The idea behind this tools is to keep a long web page address short.

Not all URL shortener pay for I will give out some of the URL shortener that pay you for using their platform.

The money making ideas behind this URL shortener is that it will serve has a redirect medium or URL shortener acts like an intermediary between the original web page links and the link that you’re supposed to paste or compile in specific posts, social media platforms or post, YouTube videos and many more.


Here is what most of have been waiting for, making money using URL shortener is pretty cool and easy.

You should note that not all URL shortener pay so I will be listing out those URL shortener that pay and how to use their platform to make money online. is one of the URL shortener I will recommend for you guys guys. Linkvertise URL shortener has one of the best paying.

  • The first step in making money on this URL shortener is by creating an account on Linkvertise site.

  • Make necessary setting on Linkvertise dashboard. Once you have successfully registered on Linkvertise the next thing in line is for you to make necessary setting on the Linkvertise dashboard.

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It time to shorten some links on Linkvertise URL shortener.

You will have to look for a CREATE LINK on the dashboard, once you have located it paste the link you wish to shorten and press the button right below it and your links will be generated.


Once you have generated your link what follow should be you making money with the generated link but how are you gonna do this.

This is actually simple what you have to do is to paste the generated link on your social media handles which may include facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and other social media timeline, after you have done that whenever people click on the generated link you gonna get paid.

The idea behind this money making method is that you will get paid per impression, with Linkvertise URL shortener you can make up to $5 to $8 per 1000 impression depending the location of your traffic.

Click here to registered for Linkvertise URL shortener ……..

Here are some other examples of high paying URL shortener


Earning money online is cool, try making money using URL shortener is said above, you can withdraw your money using different payment methods.

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The other way to make money online which I will be talking about will be taking survey.

Survey has will all know is one of the other ways to make money online in this century.

Company and firm want our ideas and opinions on how to improve their goods and services and in return we get paid for it.

I will be giving out some of the best and easy to use survey apps that you can make legit money on.

These are can be gotten from pupolar play stay and every other app store.

  • Survey junkie

Survey junkie make my number one of my list of best survey app. This app have over 10,000,000 user over 160 countries of the world.

With survey junkie you stand a chance of making $10 with 1000 point. The survey cover varieties of topics, get the app on Google Play Store.

  • Swagbucks

This is another high paying survey app. This app have tones of download on play store, Swagbucks surveys will online take your 15 minutes. You still have the chance of daily rewards and many more.

  • Inboxdollar

This is another popular survey app which has been in existence of some years now. With inboxdollar you also get paid not only for taking online survey but for also testing new products.

Yeah, I think am done for the day this topic will be updated regularly so don’t forget to check back.

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