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Snail Farming in Nigeria: Complete guidelines for snail farming in Nigeria 2021



Snail farming business in Nigeria

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Today’s post is going to be a different one as I will be walking you through a new lucrative business in Nigeria.

As we all know that business is one of the surviving ways in this current economy flop in the country recently, I will be making a review about snail rearing business in Nigeria.

Snail farming business is one of under-rated business venture in Nigeria but truth to be told snail rearing is highly profited has people don’t really venture into the agriculture sector.

Rearing of snail in Nigeria will provide many opportunities for you as an entrepreneur who is willing to take the risk of venturing into the new agriculture sector.

In the later section to come, I will be enlightened everyone of us reading this post of the benefits of venturing into snail rearing agriculture business in Nigeria.


The below list are some of the main benefits of snail farming in Nigeria.

  • Source of snail meat
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As we know that Snail meat contain a high amount of iron, protein, calcium, magnesium, vitamin A and very low in fat. Snail pie is recommended as a cheap source of protein and iron for school-age children and young mothers and could contribute in the fight against iron deficiency anaemia which is why it very important to venture into this agriculture sector.

  • Employments opportunity

Due to the recent rise in unemployment in Nigeria snail farming can a way out to safe the youth out of this unemployment issues.

Snail farming isn’t hard to set up and it doesn’t require much capital and also the business isn’t much common so it will be highly profited if one is involved in it, You can make ten times more profit from snail farming in Nigeria within a year without any risk.

  • You can easily do snail farming here in Nigeria without having to quit your current business or your occupation.


In this paragraph I will list out some major requirements for snail farming in Nigeria, these requirements are essential which is a most before attempting to start snail rearing business in this part of the world.

  • Land

Land is the major requirement for snail farming, without having land it will be somehow difficult to start this snail rearing in Nigeria.

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Another important thing to take note is the soil type.

The soil should be the one which will contain all the necessary nutrients that will aids snail surviving.

  • The Snail Itself

You can start snail farming without the snail itself and this is another important factor.

When creating a snail farm in Nigeria , you will have to use a single species of snail. Research has shown that snail species such as Achatina achatina are the best for warm climate regions like Nigeria.

  • Capital

Capital is also another important factor to consider. Your capital will depend the size of your snail farm size.


Here is the practical aspect of snail farming in Nigeria.

In starting up a snail farming in Nigeria, it is very advisable for you to get the snail directly from the forest or bush instead of buying from the market after they have been exposed to sunlight and have dehydrated. The reason for this is because snails drink a lot of water, so they are easily dehydrated and this stresses them out, and reduce their fertility capacity.


Constructing a Snailery is very essential in snail farming, the construction doesn’t have to be of a gigantic size but it depend on the snail farm,You can consort a professional to get it done for you.

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Feeding snail isn’t hard but one have to be tactical, most species feed mostly on green leaves and fruits to truly utilised thier potentials, they can also feels on some other ranges of foods, still it is advisable for a potential snail farmer to always feed their snails with leaves, fruits, formula from the feed stores amongst others.


It take a duration of a year for small snails to be ready for harvest, it is not advisable or even economical to harvest before the appropriate time, To be sure if your snails are already matured enough, check the brim of the shell, if the brim of the snail is thicker and harder than other parts of the shell it means the snail is good for sales. Some snails take more time for growing.

Trying out snail farming in Nigeria is pretty good and profitable, for questions and enquiries kindly drop it blow in the comment section.

Olamide Oladele by name also a student of Federal University Oye Ekiti studying Computer Science. I’m a passionate blogger that loves reading and writing, business minded with solution to complete financial tips. Welcome to

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