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Starclick review: scam or legit? Read this!!!



These is a complete review of for those who have heard about the site or those who are unfamiliar with the site.

So you are going to find out if star-click is real or legit money making site that enable people to earn extra income online
Please read the complete review to fully understand about the site before making any decisions.
Let me first of all congratulate you for researching before jumping and signing up to an unknown site and investing your money.

Many ptc or paid to click site claims to be the best on the internet which are not true only a handful of them can enable people to earn money online.
These review has been researched directly on the platform and user experience taken into consideration so the review is base on experience.
People from Africa – Asia – Europe as well as Arab are on the platform.

Product type…(paid to click).


Build on……(2008).

Pros…..(pays money).

Cons…….(slow team support).

Membership levels……..(3).

(1)silver membership)…

(2)gold membership)…… Upgrade with 20$…. amount to earn a day 5$ to7$ per day.

.(3)platinum membership)……. upgrade with 49$ … amount to earn a day 7$ to 11$.

What is starclick

Star-click is a paid per click site where by you get paid to visit websites in the form advert ranging from 0.01$ to 0.02$ per click and you can make from 6$ a day to 11$ .

The are other form of advertisement like Google adscenes which requires a website with content and advert are display on your website or YouTube videos which pays you if someone click on the advert but it requires time and patience.

The amount ranges from o.03$ to 100$ for a single click depending on the quality of your website.
The are other adscenes base companies that pays you per click if someone click advert on your website but that is another story.
As i said earlier star click is a payed per click site where you get paid to click on adscenes.
For some of those who don’t know about adscenes let me explain.Adscenes is a form of advertisement where by website owners pays advertising platform like Google ads, Bing ads, star-click,my traffic value just to name a few in order to gain traffic to a website which are vesitor or people who are interested on a particular topic or subjects.

Websites owner may choose to advertise inorder to boost sale of a particular product or to increase popularity of their website.These is the case of star click advertising platform.

Can you make money on starclick

Can one really make money on star-clicks ?.

The answer is yes you can make money on star-click more than 300$ a month with some additional strategies which I have written in the comments section below.
People from America – south Africa – Nigeria – India – Saudi Arabia and all other countries are on the platform and they give positive feedback on their earning potential and they rank among top earner for the week.
Is star-click a legitimate source of income ?.

Star-click is a legitimate source of income and many individuals from all over the globe are on the platform right now making some cash so don’t worry about involving your self to any illegal activities.
These types of service is even recognize by search engines like Google and Bing so I called it ” mini clean job ”.

How to truly be sure star-click is not a scam.

Even after reading reviews on the internet concerning this platform I know some people would still not be convince.
The is only one way to find out for yourself. Follow the steps below

1) sign up to star-click as a publisher .
|Click to sign up on

2) verify you account using your mobile number.

3)Go to the menu section at the top and click the ”Top members” and then browse through thousand of members and ask them question concerning any thing about the platform.

Or better still test the website without upgrading and when your amount reaches or surpasses 2$ try to withdraw your money through auto pay out then you would come to your own conclusions .
Screenshot of top members of the week on star-click to ask them question
Star-clicks payment proof
These is a screenshot of payment proof payed through auto pay out which enable one to withdraw money with PayPal or Bitcoin
Zoom in to see clearly !.

Star-click supported devices.
Star-click support all three devices that laptop,android or pc so you can click on advert at you convenient time within the space of 24 hours.Adscenes are available every 24hrs so you can click adscenes any where using any device since it doesn’t need any skills or certificate.
ptc(paid to click site) are some of the easiest way to get extra cash online apart from survey and micro job site.

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How much can you make with Starclick daily

These is the most pertinent question “how much can i make on starclick”.The answers is simple it depends on how much spare time you are willing to sacrifice but the minimum daily earning ranges depending on the membership level you are in since star-click has there membership level.

As a silver member you won’t earn much and the maximum daily earning is 0.11$ and the minimum withdrawal amount is 2$ if you use autopay out to a Bitcoin or PayPal account.These two options are available for silver member which is free
To use other payment options like bank transfer, credit card or Western Union require a minimum of 50$ if you are a silver member so better use autopay out to remove your money when it above 2$+ to a Bitcoin or PayPal.

Auto pay out are payed on weekly bases usually Saturday and Sunday base on experience because I received 10$ twice on those days through Bitcoin.
You can still choose to click and save the money to upgrade to a gold member in order to earn more on the platform.
But the down side about it is
going to take a longer period of time to reach 20$ without been tempted to withraw your money through autopay out.
But you have the options to upgrade your account by directly funding your account through any payment method available on star-clicks.

To upgrade two options are available golden or platinum membership level.
The gold membership cost 20$ and platinum membership cost 49$ but usually suggest to upgrade to a gold membership level because it is time flexible you would not want to take much of your time clicking ads.
When you upgrade to a gold membership level which would cost you 20$ monthly and your maximum daily earning would be 5$ to 7.85$ daily.These means that you can get your 20$ back within days and make profit.

The platinum membership level is the highest level on star-click as you get 0.2$ a click and your maximum daily earning 11$ .
These is the screenshot shot of my account I took as proof.

What are the payment methods of
The best part about star-click it’s the payment method because it support several payment methods which makes it possible for any one around the world to sign up knowing you can easily withraw you money.
These is the first aspect that comes in people minds signing up to a site.
Starclick support PayPal,bank transfer or wire transfer, bitcoins and Western you can easily withraw your money and it is worth knowing that all payments methods are process within a week which is a bit slow but surely pays you your money.

Starclick also support auto pay out as a silver member which
you set up an amount limit like 10$ that would automatically be funded to your account when it reaches that amount which is more faster to send money to your chosen payment method.
When your account later become silver upon expiration.
Sign up on
How To sign up on
The procedure to sign up on star-click is easy all you need is to enter your Gmail account address password, phone number for verification and some additional details . When you want to sign up you would be asked if you want to sign up as a publisher or advertiser.If you want to make money online you sign up as a publisher and if you want to advertise you website sign up as an advertiser.


Table of Contents


It is very easy to upgrade your starclick account using the any of the following payment system like bank tranfer, bitcoin,western union,paypal but i would recommend paypal and bitcoin because it is very easy.
To upgrade, an option is found at the top menu written “upgrade” click on the button and the payment method you want to use and upgrade would be displayed just select paypal or bitcoin as it the easy if you using the bitcoin process list of bitcoin wallet would be displayed.Select the wallet you are using and you would comfirm the withrawal on your bitcoin account .



The plateform is very easy to use and I will explain how to navigate using the screen short below.

1) Over view is to view how much your have in your account

2)ppc ads to see you available adscene where you can click and make money.

3) inbox for messages

4)setting speaks for itself

5)Alert to notify you in case of emergency

6)payout to withdraw or recharge your account.

7) verification is to ensure you account belong to would need to verify your account through gmail or email address and later your phone number in order to withdraw your money.

8) Support is to have enquiries if you have issue the support team usually
take a long time to respond.

9) Invite: you can invite a friend using email address.

10)Refferal is where your referral link is located and you would receive a comission when you invite some one.
Star click is one of the best online platform to earn some cash you can Sign up on star click if you are interested.

STARCLICK also enables blogers or website owner to display adscenes on their website and when the adscenes is clicked, you get a commission.
If you want to drive more traffic to you website, advertise and sale your product, then STARCLICK is one of the best advertising platform for you.


People usually ask ” do I run a risk of loosing money on star-click”.Let me make things clear star-click is a well established site since 2008 and has been paying it members and even me.The only way you can lose money is when you upgrade your account to a gold or a platinum membership level and you don’t click on daily adscenes which are available within 24hrs.
But not clicking your account even for one week won’t cause you to lose money because the profit surpasses the money invested about 4 times so not clicking a day or two mean nothing but
for my advice only upgrade your account when you have free times and try as much as possible to click and at list recover your money and make optimum profits and if you don’t have enough time to click just upgrade to a gold membership level which is 20$ so as to enable recover your money within days and gain enough profits rather than upgrading to a platinum account which cost 59$ and don’t find time to click on adscenes available after upgrading your account.

So I do prefer gold membership level which cost 20$ which I usually regain within 4 to 5 days and then I state making profits and the best part about star-click is that you can reinvest 20$ and withdraw your profits and so you keep reinvesting and making profits.
The are lot of website owner promoting their site through these platform.more than 1000 site on STARCLICK.
One thing is sure these sites are Making profits or getting what they want “traffics” which increases the sale of their product and they keep coming back for more advert. No one would want to invest in a platform that does not enable him or her to make profits.
Are there other site like starclick.
The are other payed per click site but the earning are lower that is 0.0001$ per click. except for neobux which adscenes ranges from 0.001 as a standard member and 0.01 as a gold member per click the down site about neobux is you can only click on adscenes through a laptop or a computer.
these site suits those who want only computer traffic .These site is also legitimate and pays money to those working on the platform.
As you can see the money is less as compared too star-click .

The site also have survey which are given according to your location. So if you’re not in Europe you won’t receive any survey. is another pays 0.0001$ per click
just to name a few of such site.
I also came across scam ppc site that will promise you that you can earn easy and rapid money.These are example of scam site.
And the worst of all sites which are rampant with more than 3000 domain name pointing to thesame page and the promise you can earn 15$ per click.
They have been numerous complaint of users losing their money on the platform.
please beware of these scam site !.
Star-click support all country and people all over the world can work on star-click and the platform has no discrimination.

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but the only problem is language barriers but no worries if you need any help in translation of a text page I can help you just leave a comment below.
Just to make things clear many people from continent like Asia especially people from Sri-Lanka talking sinhala usually think whether they would get accepted.
The only thing to know is how to navigate on the platform which is easy to learn and clicking on adscenes doesn’t need even a high school certificate so no worries.


1) YOU can make up to 11.95$ a day when you upgrade.
2) Easy payment method such as PayPal,western union, bank transfer and bitcoin.


Starclick support team take longer period to responde these is the main challenge people face on the platform.
So you might be thinking ” it is a waste of time to work on such platform”. let assume you work on and every day you try as much as possible to earn 6$ in your spare time.
just multiply $6 ×28days=168$ a month and you could even earn more if you want to.
In Conclusion STARCLICK is a legite site and one of the top ppc site on the internet.

Star-clicks homepage click to view
Still not satisfied just leave a comment below or ask any question and I will help you.
If you are still not convinced just check the website your self and you can make your final decision and after gaining trust you can stick around to earn some cash.Though some websites will discourage you but yet they still admit star-click is legitimate.
For others making extra 300$ or more a month means nothing but for some it mean a lot like taking a leisure time and spending that money on your family, children or friends without any regrets or second thought .
Additionald tips to increase your income.
So let me share these additional tips to increase your income.Ever heard about paidvert,these site is also a ptc site like starclick but different in the way it work in that it deals with PABS which is a form of currency on the site.The more PABS the more you can earn on the site .
The site enables you to invest 1$ to gain 1.55$ in the form of advert you need to click.The best part of it is you can set up your settings to gain up 100$ in a single click or 1$,0.50 or 50$ in a single click.You won’t receive much if you don’t invest money on paidvert.
What I am trying to to say is that you can withdraw profits made from star_click and invest on paidvert and gain even more profits.
But first of all research about paidvert on Google to understand how paidvert work and remember don’t play games with PABS because you lose money.
Adscenes are available every 18hours which means if you don’t click an advert which is worth 50$ in that 18hour you lose your money.
But if you are occupied you can freeze you account to stop receiving adscenes till you unfreeze.
Remember only invest profits you make online or on star-click.
And work on the platform stating with 5$ to understand the site before investing urge profits on the platform.
The platform is legit and pays without any thoughts read reviews online to understand paidvert before you sign up. Gain investing money from
You now have a choice to make. That
is state making money or keep searchings your choice.
Please don’t forget to leave a comment if you have any questions or a thought about star-click.

Click here to go to star-clicks sign up page. .

The is another legitimate site which is a micro job site that can enable you make money online without investment read legitimate micro earning site
Are you aware of other sites for people world wide to work and earn money online.Please share at the comments section.
Don’t forget to leave a comment !.

Olamide Oladele by name also a student of Federal University Oye Ekiti studying Computer Science. I’m a passionate blogger that loves reading and writing, business minded with solution to complete financial tips. Welcome to

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