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Used Phone Importation: How To Start Importation Of Used Phones From Nigeria



How to start importation of used UK phones in Nigeria.

Today’s post is not going to be just a post alone this tutorial is a secret that will teach you how to start importation of UK and US used phones from Nigeria making a huge profit from the business.

Welcome to make sure you read along with me as I unleas the secret of importing UK and US used phones from Nigeria thereby making lots of profit as have said earlier.

If you don’t have ideas of how to start importation business earlier or you don’t know anything about importation bussines here is a post written by me in which I explained how to start importation business here in Nigeria, I also discussed about some site in which you can order for your products and also how to ship your desired ordered products to Nigeria without spending much, here is the post Affiliate marketing guidelines for absolute beginners

Importation of UK and US phones here in Nigeria will be a great business because such business haven’t have much competitor and it will be wise of us to make use of the opportunity.


Each business have their own requirements so does importation of phones have it own but you dont have to be scared cause the requirements is what you can easily afford without spending more or go through extra stress to get, here are they:-

  • Smartphone or Laptop
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Having an internet enable device such as smartphone or laptop is highly required in this business line up. This importation isn’t gonna be physical at your own end so you have to do most of the transaction online and that is where the smartphone or laptop comes in.

  • Capital

For every business there most be a start up capital but in some case not every business requires a capital example of these businesses include freelancers, content writer, graphic designer and others but importation of used phones isn’t among it.

Your capital will depend the size of your importation bussines.

  • Master card/Visa card or any other payment methods

This factor is also very important in phone importation bussines. You have to use a payment method in paying for the products you ordered for, you can either use your local bank master card ATM or visa ATM card or any other internationally accepted payments gateways like PayPal, payooner, skrill, webmoney or others.

Once you are able to keep up with that then you are good to go with the importation bussines.

So let get to the main business of the day


Ordering for used UK and US phones and laptops isn’t hard, it also involves simple steps.


  • Source

The very first step in ordering for phones is finding your source, one you have find your source the rest of the procedure will follow.

  • Create an account
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After you have successfully find your source what follows it is creating a user account.

Depending on your source you will find the registration page within the menu

  • AFter a successful registration you can now sign in and scroll round the entire products to find you choice and once you find what you are looking for click on it and make a purchase.
  • Payment

Making payments isn’t hard as well, there are many payments gateways which you can use to make your payment which include using your local bank master card, visa ATM card, PayPal, some accept payments gateways like skrill, payooner and others, those are the available ways to make payments for the ordered products.


Here are some of the top recommended sites to buy the phones and laptops


Aliexpress is one of the best online store in the word presently, Aliexpress is an Asian store.

Ordering used phones from Aliexpress is simple and straight forward here is how to go about it.

  • Access Aliexpress store

The first step is going to Aliexpress store either by using your browser or through the mobile app which can be downloaded from Google Play Store or App Store for iOS users.

  • Browse Phone Categories

After you have access the site click on the phone category from the menu button which is at the header of the page.

  • Browse And Select Preferred Phone
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Go through the phones one after the other in other to find your choice, the phones can be filter by maker maybe iPhone, Samsung, infinix, Tecno, oppo, or by price either lowest to highest price or highest to lowest.

  • Add To Cart And Make Payment

Once you have find your preferred phone card it to card and make your payment.

Before you can make payment you have to register if you don’t have account with Aliexpress and if you have you will have to login.

After you have successfully registered select payment methods which can be your debit cards or any other card except verve cards or PayPal account.

  • Add Shipping Address

It is very important you don’t make any kind of mistake in this section. The shipping address is the address which your products will be delivered.

  • Select Shipping Channel

There is Aliexpress standard shipping which is free or it will require a little shopping fees which is likely to be less than $10 but it will take long periods to get your goods, it takes about 2 to 6 weeks to get your package.

And after everything is placed in place you can click on order button and your products has been successfully order.

Your products will be dispatched to the selected address or nearest post office to the imputed address for you to get it.

For any contribution kindly drop it below.

Olamide Oladele by name also a student of Federal University Oye Ekiti studying Computer Science. I’m a passionate blogger that loves reading and writing, business minded with solution to complete financial tips. Welcome to

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