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Wakanow affiliate program review (check out this review before you join)



Wakanow affiliate program

As we all know that affiliate marketing is one of the best and easy way to make money online in this century.

As our duty on is to provide you with relevant information and also cool ways to make money online, today’s tutorial is going to be about Wakanow affiliate program.

Making money online is cool only if you know how to, on this tutorial I will teaching you guys how to get started with Wakanow affiliate program, everything you need to know about it and every single step you need to take to be a better Wakanow affiliate program member, so let get to business.


You will have been seeing me mentioning Wakanow affiliate program and you might not know what this mean. limited is Africa’s leading online travel company.

Becoming Wakanow affiliate is one of the best way to earn online. Wakanow affiliate program provide an easy interface for you to make money online.

Wakanow has we all know is founded in 2018 by Obinna Ekezie, Wakanow a pioneer of some sorts in that industry has become Africans No.1 premier online travel booking service company in the whole of Africa.


Been Wakanow affiliate is pretty good, you enjoy some offer which will later be discussed below, some of which you cannot enjoy from other affiliate program except Wakanow affiliate program, some of this pros of Wakanow affiliate program include:

  • Easy to join
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One of the major reason why Wakanow affiliate program standout among the rest is that their affiliate program is very easy to join the regular can be done by yourself using your mobile phone without needing help from anybody.

  • High commission and discounts on airfares, hotels, visa processing and airport pick-up services you will have access to the above discounts as a Wakanow affiliate.

  • Easy payment method

Wakanow affiliate program pays it affiliate with different payment methods ranging from bank transfer, quickteller master card or through Wakanow prepaid card.

  • Quick Customer support system

Wakanow offer the best customer support so far, their customer support team are always ready to help you out.

  • You can easily book world class affiliate portal no matter your location

  • With Wakanow affiliate program you have the ability to register someone through your own name and logo


Joining Wakanow affiliate is pretty easy but you have to pay the sum of N20,000 as your registration fee, follow this procedure to register

  • Click this link

  • fill the following

  • Your name

  • Address

  • Email

  • Website (optional)

  • City

  • State

  • Country

  • Market (Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and Great Britain)

  • Currency of your choice and many more.

After that click on sign-up, confirm you email address and you are now member of the Wakanow affiliate program.

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