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Ysense affiliate program (best guide for Ysense affiliate program)



Ysense affiliate program
Making money online is actually easier than you might thought if you follow the right procedure and guidelines, our duties at is to provide you with adequate guidelines to be successful online, to make money online.
Today’s will be about Ysense affiliate program which was formally known as clicksense affiliate program.
With Ysense affiliate program you stand a chance of making money online using your mobile phone at the comfort of your house, isn’t this great?

Before I dig deeper I will take my time to explain how Ysense affiliate program operate, how to make money on it and mode of payment and every other thing about Ysense affiliate program.


Ysense affiliate program is popularly known formerly known has clicksense. Ysense affiliate is an advertising company which was founded early 2007. The affiliate company has grown so big till today having such an unbeatable reputation in the advertising industries. Ysense headed is located at USA. Ysense affiliate company started as a PTC site (pay to click site) back then before there operational strategies whas upgraded to GPT (get paid to).

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Ysense affiliate program provide quality traffic to their clients. And in return Ysense affiliate members get paid for using the site, visiting Ysense Clints page, taking part in premium survey and others activities.


Once you have decided to join Ysense affiliate program and make money without spending dim, you should consider checking this list of you are eligible to join Ysense.

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You should have it in mind that joining Ysense isn’t hard and the requirements isn’t much, all you need to join Ysense affiliate program is as follow:-

  • Valid Email address
Having a valid email address for Ysense program is really necessary, your email address will be use to address you periodically and also it will be use to send you newsletter which contains recent happening in the affiliate program and also this email is required to confirm your account so you are advised to use a valid email address and you should consider opening new one if you don’t have.

  • Smart phone or laptop
You should have a smart phone or laptop before you can join Ysense affiliate program.
  • Any of payooner or skrill payment gateway

    Once you have valid email address, phone or laptop then what else that is required is payment gateway which maybe either be payooner or shrill payment gateway. You are advised to use any payment gateway that is acceptable in your countries.


Joining this affiliate program is hard at all, all the guidelines and procedures will be giving to you in this tutorial.
  • Click on this link
  • after that click on open account
  • the registration page will open and you are required to fill in all the required information
  • after that click on create account
  • you will have to confirm your email address after this



After you have successfully registered for Ysense affiliate program, the next line of action which you guys really cared for is how to make money on Ysense affiliate program or ways to make money on Ysense.
There are several ways in which you can make money on this Ysense affiliate program, I will explain them below.
  • Taking part in premium survey
Taking part in survey is one of the ways to make money on Ysense affiliate program. Paid survey is one of the best ways to earn on this affiliate program but in order to take take a survey on Ysense affiliate you need to complete your profile and you should check for available survey based on your profile.

  • Doing micro task
Taking paid survey isn’t the only way to make money on Ysense affiliate program you can also make money by doing some other micro tasks which include verification of documents or documents, bills, estimating the correctness of information, email verification and other petty jobs.

  • Completing offer
You also have this has an eanrning opportunity on Ysense affiliate program. With this opportunity, you make money by doing some task which may include installing app, taking paid survey.
The various offer panels available in Ysense are:
  • Clixoffers
  • More TV Time

  • TrialPay

  • Tokenads
  • OfferTorro

  • Adscend
  • Kiwi wall

  • AdGate
  • Wannads
  • Check list bonus
Whenever you finish your check list you will get a reward
To finish this checklist, you need to
  • Complete 10 Tasks
  • Complete 2 offers
  • View a thread in Ysense forum.
When you finish this check list you will get 16% bonus

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Referring others to join Ysense is another great way to increase your potential earning on Ysense affiliate program.
The more you refer the more you earn. You will get 20% commission on every active referral you made and this can be increased to 30%.
Ysense affiliate program is a simple referring affiliate program once you generate your referral link.


After accumulating enough funds on this affiliate program and you are ready to withdraw your money to your local bank. Ysense affiliate program provide various payment methods which include PayPal, payooner and skrill payment methods.
You have to obtain minimum payout balance before you can withdraw your funds using any of the list payment methods.
The minimum payout is currently $10 which means you can withdraw your Ysense funds once you have $10 in your account.


Making money online is pretty cool most especially when you don’t spend a dime check out Ysense affiliate program and your opinion will be highly appreciated.

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